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We are an organization of IT geeks with many technical professionals that works hard to give the top-class services to the end users. Our JPEG Compressor is a free online image compressor tool from which you can reduce the size of the multiple images at a time. It is easy to use and very simple that supports compression of different image formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF and WEBP. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this tool.

To compress the files either you have to Select files from your device or Drag and drop the files into the drop box, get results in a few moments and you can also download the images through download button after compression. You can compress more than 10 files at once and the total limit is 10 MB. You can make photo albums of your joyful moments with compressed images that take less storage in your device. If you own a website and want to upload photos in it then you should use compressed images because doing so will increase the speed of your website. 

This photo compressor is so helpful that wherever you share the compressed photos whether it is online or offline you save the storage of devices. Your uploaded image files are not saved in our database, so you can use our image compressor without any hesitation. Enhance the SEO ranking of your business website by using the compressed images in it because it makes your website work faster to gain visibility in the search engine and to attract numerous audiences. 


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